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Dr. Jasmine Zapata is an award winning author, radio personality, physician, and book writing coach. She is the founder of Motivational M.D. Publishing and helps individuals birth their books into the world so  that they can create a legacy, empower others, and create a legacy, empower others, and create multiple streams of income! Her books have been translated into Swahili and Korean and have empowered young women around the globe. Her books and curriculums have also been adopted by school systems and community restorative courts to empower youth and young adults. In 2019, she completed a national girls empowerment book tour which impacted the lives of thousands. Dr. Zapata is truly dynamic and her advocacy and community work has been featured on live national TV outlets, such as the Today Show. Her ultimate mission is to heal, uplift and inspire while empowering others to do the same! 

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